The Best Love is a Love That Aches

by Erica Luzzi

i. what if worst to best is a non-linear delimitation? what if worst to best is circular, so that worst

and best not only touch, but are intrinsically linked?

ii. it is stable to be content. reliable. but to be

fearful, tumultuous, passionate, bound, all-consumed, rooted

is beyond any happiness.

iii. painful divinity.

sacred twisted depth.

a lamb, gutted and hanging, spilling blood over its holy devotion.

you are the paradox that plagues my existence.

the atheist’s religion.

the embodiment of heaven all wrapped up in the gates of hell.

iv. looking back, you’re still the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

and you are the worst thing that’s ever happened to me

because you make me regret it.