Issue 2

Flamboyant Butterfly - Julio Montalvo Valentín

Mia texted - Rosie McInnes

it takes two / the bruja’s test of faith - áde aura inés victoria, featured artist

- Div.

Ursa Minor - Alexandra Strong

Linger For A While - Sankofa Taylor

Inner Harbor - Elliott Daniels

Black Blood - Aliya Backstrom

Where is Junior? - Rosa Stern Pait

Body as Warship - Kai Coggin

what does the day after look like? - áde aura inés victoria

Short Form 2 - Alysiana Carter

Running Down - Kelly Duarte

immeasurable magic - Briyana D. Clarel

Book of Revelation - Aliya Backstrom

Grandpa- Sonya Bhatia

Food 4 Thought - Graham LaRue

Postscript on the place of a name - Amina Dieng

Rainfall - Georgia Moore

surface - áde aura inés victoria

A new poem - Rosa Stern Pait

And It All Felt Right, It All Felt Right - Alexandra Strong

How To - Julia Thomas

Atitlán - Elliot Daniels