Issue 0

Q&A - Amanda Freedman and Samantha Crozier

The Rest of It - Abigail McFee

Chicago, a Whirlpool - Sarah Walsh

Manifesto - Gabby Bonfiglio

Born this Way - Nasrin Lin

Nabakov’s Limes- Abigail McFee

take ur pick - Nicole Delcore

Full Stop - Fiona Sharp

Los Alamos, New Mexico - Sarah Walsh

Excerpt from Cheese Grater - Paige Spagenthal

tbt to the (first) time i accidentally did bath salts - Nicole Delcore

Chocolate and Chance - Olivia Jones

The Best Love is a Love That Aches - Erica Luzzi

Woman - Mikayla Toffler

a late night note to self - Gabby Bonfiglio

please forward to all loved ones! - Sarah Walsh

Baby - Libby Langsner

the Girls - Gabby Bonfiglio