Issue 1

The closest i’ll ever get to heaven (permanently unfinished) - Mary Mackeen

July 7th - Sahana Callahan

Echo (A transmasculine poem) - Eli Sobel

Tentei enchar meus pulmoes de ar gelado/i tried to replace my lungs with icy air - Rosa Stern Pait

Black River God - Henri Garrison Dessany

Where the Buddha Lives in My House - Libby Langsner

Homecoming - Billi Fabrikant

You in My Childhood Home - Eli Sobel

Writing about being QUEER - Abigail Barton

Wired - Nasrin Lin

PONME MINUTOS EN EL CEL PORFA - Alicia Margarita Olivo

Underwater - Brigette Demelo

Her - Rebecca Schaub

Eat me - Eli Sobel

Two Spits - Libby Langsner

War Against Women - Tasneem Jacobs

Decided about - Sarah Syed

Dear Passport Controller - Leili Najmabadi

Type la supernova - Kieren

DIIK - Libby Langsner

Untitled 3 - Bri Pastro

Brine - Brighde Moffat

i left my dignity on the sidewalk/deixei minha dignidade na calçada - Rosa Stern Pait

Inquiries on Loneliness - Amari Diaw