Running Down

by Kelly Duarte

I watch One Day at a Time at 2 am

the spanish and glow of my screen

breaking the silence Penelope tells her children,

I have anxiety and depression it runs down generations

My mom has the same untamable curly hair and the same fire

to her soul yet she can’t sleep in the passenger seat

gasps filling the car whenever a truck passes by she fills the empty space

in my bed when I’ve spent too long with the taste of rum on my tongue

I cannot leave this prison she’s made without playing 20 questions

I told them I needed therapy at the dinner table

what I thought was, mami you need it too

“Mija, all you need to do is pray more.”


Kelly Duarte (she/her): Guatemalan-American whose made a home in the hyphen. secret weeb. zine maker. still feels afraid to write about the things that hurt feelings. Libra sun + moon. overthinker when it comes to author's bios. perpetual meme liker on Twitter (@kellydwrites).