our board

if you are interested in joining our staff, please email us at welcometocavity@gmail.com. we accept staff applications from anywhere in the world.

chopper, president

milk and sugar americana :’)

alexandra, president

lover of annotations, spotify enthusiast (really a music snob). constantly reminding and remembering to others and myself that blackness sparkles. growing and grateful for the sun. often heard saying “damn, that was a beautiful phrase.” but catch me laughing, it echoes for miles.

kriska, co-founder

writer, (over)thinker, questioner, imaginer of other worlds, imaginer of liberation. june jordan fan girl. em dash enthusiast. i do not want to know: what is in an oreo, what makes a film bro tick (spoiler alert: misogyny and antiblackness), who decided to reboot roseanne (that’s between them and god).

sonya, secretary

a whole wheat girl living life one almost-tripped-up-the-stairs step at a time. questioning societal norms of beauty but will occasionally shave her legs because her mother (firmly) asked her too. wears her beliefs on her mismatched socks. lover of wholesome moments, good pals, and anything floral because it reminds her that you can still be delicate and remarkable at the same time.