July 7th

by Sahana Callahan 

she was sitting across from me, that morning, on the train, when i asked her, can we be together? for today? just one day, for real.

and it got her attention.

she studied me for a second- so quick i’m not sure she knew she was doing it, and she smiled, a nervous smile, not up to her usual sunshine standards, gave a quick little nod, and said, “okay”.

when we got to the station, its striking marble facade took me by surprise, but she didn’t pause. she led the way, taking my hand and my heart and leading me out to the light on the street.

“it’s a beautiful day,” she said. “let’s walk.”

i nodded, and off we went into mismatched streets, wandering down streets and alleys, through parks and stalls filled with art of all ages, hidden stories in boxes that would never be told, and somewhere on the way she picked up my hand and didn’t let it go, and i forgot to breathe every time i looked at her.

we drifted into a museum but neither of us paid much attention to what was hanging on the walls. we floated by each exhibit, my mind taking note of each dark corner, wondering when i could pull her away, wondering where i could put her to kiss the grin off her face. i looked at her and she smiled at me, a bright smile this time, the kind that had enough heat to make the chocolate in her eyes soft when she looked at me.

our hands stayed intertwined as we made our great escape, falling over each other out the door. i kept seeking her out, trying to touch her, whether it was our pinkies interlocked or my hand in her back pocket, or adjusting the collar of her shirt. i couldn’t get enough, the idea of being able to touch her without anyone who knew us around intoxicated me in the most innocent way.

and when i kissed her, when i finally kissed her, i couldn’t stop kissing her. i pulled her away and pressed against her and knew that when that day was done i’d have to re-learn how to breathe without her.

i forgot that, with her, the sun never sets.

the first summer we spent together, we also spent apart. i found myself losing track of when i saw her through a screen and when i felt her heart beat in tandem with mine. my golden girl with her midas touch, turned my heart to something only she can know, and i became spectator to our private little love, our romance for the ages, just the two of us-

and it has my attention.