Issue 3

Weber, Max. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. [Student's ed.] ed., Scribner, 1958. - Casper Schwartz

i m m o l a t e - Casper Schwartz

Changeling - Casper Schwartz

Public Poem Number One - Anonymous

Human Zoo - Fallon Leyba

Blankness - Niecee X

it is the first day of spring and - Jillian Impastato

tiny molecule of yes [for em] - Nicole Janine Delcore-Kaifetz

inundate^n^N - Nicole Janine Delcore-Kaifetz

auto— - Nicole Janine Delcore-Kaifetz

Fabricated Love Affair No. 1 - Div.

Monstrous - Natalie McCard

This Poem Is Not About Call Me By Your Name - Eli Sobel

Two Sisters - Fallon Leyba

Artist statement for featured visual artist Cashmere can be found here.