Inquiries on Loneliness

by Amari Diaw

Does Loneliness exist as a particle or a wave?

Does Loneliness have a scent?

Or calories?

Is Loneliness scared of its own shadow?

Does it have a last name?

Did it vote for Hillary?

Did it ever dream of being a doctor?

Did it do well on the ACTs?

Or play a sport in college

Does Loneliness have a retirement plan?

Has it used up all of its vacation days?


Does Loneliness believe in God?


Did it ever love someone who did not stay?

Are they still friends on Facebook?

Would Loneliness swipe right if it saw me on Tinder?

Would it message first?

Would it tell me I have a beautiful smile,

And then ask me what I was looking for?

Does Loneliness want kids? does it worry lonely is a dominant trait?

Has the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac ever made Loneliness cry?

Was it the line about everyone growing older?

Did it remind Loneliness of someone?

Like itself,

or its mother?

Does Loneliness have a mother?

Does she think this is her fault?

Does she wonder where she went wrong, where all this lonely came from?

Does she fear she has created a monster?

Does she leave messages when Loneliness is too busy being lonely to pick up the phone?

Does Loneliness believe it is better off alone?


Have you ever felt lonely in someone else's arms?

Do you think they could feel it too?

Does it radiate off the body and infect the ones closest to you?


I do not know what Loneliness is but I know what it is not.

It is not a balanced meal

It is not a language

Or a lover

It is not a pulse

Keeping me alive  

It is not poetry

Or my mother’s love,

How it waits patiently

For me to pick up the phone

Convinces me that I am not better off alone