Inner Harbor

by Elliott Daniels

City collapse city boys calling

sunny afternoon and halal

aromas floating on the wind

toward a harbor, choked

a plaza of language noisome

“I got dimes

on that diesel, yo,” he shouts

(young smoker got

a look in his eye that says he’s won

every battle before it began)

he urges you to try

he follows

he paces and places little

soldiers into your hand

and you become


of the dialogue between

potential and addiction

City sags under its burden

alleyway crunch of glass underfoot

city reeks of rotting homes

on a cold day before Christmas


Elliot Daniels (they/them): Elliott Daniels is a painter, poet, cripplepunk, tutor, and former cook. Elliott writes mainly about their experience as a disabled trans nonbinary person of color, dipping into how their identity interplays with every aspect of their life. They currently reside in Richmond, VA, re-learning how to be a student and working their way to an English degree. Their poem “The Music You Inspire” was published in the Spring 2018 edition of Towson University’s Grub Street Magazine.