immeasurable magic

by Briyana D. Clarel

how do we make sure black girls aren’t single? how do we make sure black girls aren’t on their own? how can black girls have support love friends? how can black girls be surrounded by magic / not just having magic of their own / hailed for being strong resilient resistant / for being able to endure what would make white women cry one week in / five minutes in?

white women always victim even when professor even when tenured even when older even when supervisor always victim to something dark something bad something angry something black

white women always victim always self-deprecating for reassurance publicly so other white women come and coddle always taking matters into their own hands always not listening even when they don’t have the knowledge or skills always stepping over stepping on something darker badder scarier angrier something black

intelligence is a racist invention

and i am still more brilliant

than you will ever be.