How To

by Julia Thomas

old stone, the archives

let us turn

and her story

how to imagine

that, no waiting, wonder:

the only color there is to see

immediate eyes, read, seen,

sailed some other shore,

i receive you and pretend you’re unwelcome

what kind of hello do you want

i’ll give it to you

you’ll whisper and tell me you’re the secret writer

not of words, but a new story

encounters in some dream where the world  

is better, or maybe worse

dance with me because we don’t know where we’re going

breathless until the light falls

and we’re left with air

characters with new lips

write your words in water

how to Not rewind

but move

create or dissolve or relinquish space

the beginning

wherever that is

how to hold us

let the dust rest

but not settle.


Julia Thomas (she/hers)-blue night writer, space dweller somewhere who dreams of holding roots in one hand and open air in the other. lover of long conversations and collector of post cards who finds joy in unexpected connections, the bittersweetness of known song lyrics. growing on-the-go, always playing along the edge of late, working on building contentedness with silence.