Food 4 Thought

by Graham LaRue

9:30 on a Friday night

1 Baja Blast

2 bean and cheese and rice burritos

3 x 2 packets of fire sauce

enough for every


bite taken before the car

even leaves the parking lot

the great expanse of greasy black asphalt

studied closer than the stars ever could be

riddled with valleys and canyons

and insurmountable mountains

inquires about the state of the neighborhood


memories of a stained shirt.


looking for signs of God in those cracks

sucking thickly at fluorescent ice


Graham LaRue (they/them): honey drenched and crawling with fire ants, writer, screamer, bleeder. entirely wild cryptid person fueled by Waffle House steak and eggs. erotic by choice, chaotic by nature. in love with fungi.