who can submit to cavity?

anyone who is not a cis man can submit to cavity.

what types of submissions do you accept?

for written work, we accept short fiction, personal essays, poems, and excerpts from dramaturgical works. we accept all forms of visual expression. to learn more about submissions, visit our submit page

why did you rebrand from damsels?

our new name cavity better reflects our aim to create an intentional space built for women, gnc, and trans artists. while the term "damsels" was meant to be a reclamation of a trope that rests on strict femininity and white supremacist and exclusively western ideals of beauty and womanhood, such a reclamation demanded that our publication exist in relation to a trope we wish to erode.

the new name better reflects our explicit mission to challenge white, male hegemony, as well as to disrupt an oppressive binary of gender. cavities are uncomfortable and unsightly--so is the work that will bring about the kind of world we envision. the canon is a marble and white thing that we seek to rot.