Decided About

by Sarah Syed

it’s always been them who decide about me.

they tattoo arabic above their achilles on their statuesque legs, but consider my holy book the words of evil.

they free their electrified, golden-blonde hair that thrashes through winds, while mocking my sister’s double-wrapped hijab.

they brush off the teenage white male who shoots up a school as a troubled young man, because he doesn't fit the profile. but they associate me with the radicals who tarnish my religion’s name to excuse their guilty hands.

they hate islam, fear it. but they use dubai, a muslim homeland, to pose and prance obliviously for just another square and caption on social media. but they believe my sisters and i are terrorists along with other innocent muslims.

they have always decided about me. they have always chosen to assume about the outsiders. they have always wanted to block me out when i have just as much right to be here as them. and though i am disadvantaged, i am not disempowered or illusioned. simply because i know the truth.


Sara Syed (she/hers): denim enthusiast who enjoys filmmaking, literature, and succulents (specifically pincushion cacti ;)) travel-obsessed, but hates airplanes...yikes. and if it hasn't already been made clear, loves talking in 3rd person about herself! student leader activist in support of gun violence and an active writer in her school newspaper. secretly wishes she could devote her life to becoming a viral meme maker.