by Libby Langsner

I was crying but I somehow managed to masturbate anyway: a love story 

I left half the bed empty for you when I knew you were fucking someone else: a love story 

I still think about that night where you cried in my arms and I kissed your forehead to make you feel better (you'll never know): a love story 

I love you so much that I want you to rot in hell: a love story 

I wish: 

I could be vodka so you'd purse your lips over all the open parts of me when you're sad 

And I could be your ego so you'd never let me down.

I built myself a beautiful house

named it after you 

Built a cradle for the baby we almost had 

Put a lock on the door and your eyes 

Built different bodies so you couldn't tell,

You can have any girl you want

As long as she's me.