a late night note to self 

by Gabby Bonfiglio

the combination of friendship and lust isn’t love, u thought? and then ur trying to do your

homework but ur heart is pounding b/c ur excited and confused as hell, b/c when u look at him

ur only sort of attracted but then again something happens when ur bodies are pressed

together. but then u remember that you might not be special, and then u try to feel special but

get sucked into that trap of comparing urself to other women. which u are not in the business of

doing. ur not in any business, or ur trying not to be, but u are wanting to be in women. and with

women. and he is male and white which are two things you are afraid of. but also he is kind, and

he meets u, and he sees u sometimes more than most do, and in better lighting than even u,

self confident u, see urself. what to do, besides breathe.